There is a growing dialogue around energy issues.
It’s an important discussion for us all to be a part of.

Pat Daniels Pat Daniel, President & CEO
Most North Americans enjoy easy access to affordable energy, but many take for granted the vast infrastructure that enables this access.

Society needs a secure and reliable supply of energy. We need energy to heat and light our homes, businesses, schools and hospitals. We need energy to move people, goods and information. Energy literally drives economies around the world.

As North America moves towards energy self-sufficiency, through growing production of oil, gas and renewable energy, there is a need to develop new infrastructure to deliver the energy to where people need it.

This is where Enbridge fits into the discussion.

We recognize there’s a range of perspectives on energy matters—about everything from security of supply and diversity of markets, to the overall environmental impact of energy production and consumption.

These are important issues—not just for Enbridge shareholders, but for all our stakeholders, including employees, partners, customers, governments, Aboriginal groups, communities in which we operate and the general public, all of whom are inextricably linked to our business.

Enbridge’s number one social responsibility is to deliver the energy North Americans need in the safest, most reliable and most efficient way possible.